Character Creation

You will begin play as an apprentice of the Eurosan Knights, nearing graduation from the Academy. You joined when you were young — generally just before puberty. The myriad races of D&D mature at different rates, so a good rule of thumb is that you were conscripted two-thirds of the way until the age of maturity. For humans, this number PHB 109 is 15, so a human character was recruited at about 10 years of age. Your starting age should be slightly older than maturity.

Just the Facts

Race: Human and elan are most common. All PHB races (except half-orc), synad, goliath, half-giant, goliath, illumian, and aasimar are also accounted for in the setting. Xeph and kalashtar have restrictions.

Class: At least one level of a psionic manifesting class. No wilders or soulknives.

Alignment: Strong tendency toward lawful. Chaotic only with special consideration.

Deity: No specific deities, but select domains and mantles associated with Law.

Level: ECL 3.

Stats: 32 point-buy.

Equipment: 2700 gp. Don’t buy a magic weapon.


Human: In Euros, humans are the most common race by far. Those possessed of psionic talent are inducted into the Knights almost without exception. An offer to join the Knights is an immense honor and, as such, is rarely refused.

Elan: Many Knights undergo a cybernetic reconstruction of their bodies in order to fully tap into their psionic potential. The result is an elan XPH 9. The cybernetic enhancements are almost wholly subcutaneous and invisible, but some vaguely unsettling sign of the modification is often present — a pattern resembling circuitry in one or both irises, a metallic node at the base of the skull, a shift toward an aloof or dispassionate personality, and so on. The process is optional, but only humans may become elans.

Synad: Occasionally, a subject’s mind is incapable of adjusting to the trauma associated with becoming an elan. In these cases, the psyche is known to split into three distinct personae, producing a synad CP 139 instead of an elan. Only a small percentage of attempted elan conversions create synads; they are extremely rare.

Xeph: As the mortal enemies of Euros, few if any xeph XPH 15 make their way into the Academy. Only one player may be a xeph, and if you are, you are the only known Eurosan knight of that race. You are likely to be subject to extreme prejudice and mistrust. You cannot have grown up in Zephyr, nor can you speak the xeph language (you may select a different starting language in its place).

Kalashtar: While the vast majority of psionic warriors in the Xeph Hegemony are xeph, a small number of kalashtar ROE 55 fight alongside them. Although they are native to Zephyr, kalashtar who are PCs may not have grown there and are likely to be the only representatives of their race in the Knights.

Elf, Halfling, Illumian: Most members of these races live in Notos, although some immigrants to southern Euros may become knights. Illumians ROD 53 prefer the study of magic, but those who become Knights generally choose to blend magic with psionics.

Aasimar: In the Holy City of Tezek of western Notos, aasimar MM 209 live alongside humans. They are isolationist and neutral, but some few psionic aasimar who are sympathetic to the cause find a home among the Knights.

Dwarf, Gnome: These races coexist as allies in a vast network of cities beneath the mountains of Boreas. While their government has no great love for the Knights, dwarven and gnomish recruits are not unheard of.

Goliath, Half-Giant: The giant-kin staged a bloody and ultimately successful revolt to end their slavery under the gnomes. Goliaths ROS 56 typically worked in the mines as manual labor, whereas half-giants XPH 12 manned the dangerous blast furnaces. After securing their freedom, however, infighting caused the races to fracture into itinerant tribes, now roaming the frozen wilds of Boreas. Even though half-giants have innate psionic ability, they lack the infrastructure (and desire) to develop it extensively. Those who wish to explore their power usually attempt to join the Knights at the expense of becoming outcasts from their tribe.

Other Races: If you see another race you’d like to try, let me know and I’ll try to write it in.


Your character must possess at least one class level selected from the following: ardent CP 139, divine mind CP 139, lurk CP 139, psion XPH 19 (any discipline), or psychic warrior XPH 24. Whereas the xeph wield psionics intuitively and augment it with surges of emotion, the Eurosan psionic tradition is highly regimented and systematized; it has no place for wilders XPH 29. This class cannot be selected at character creation, but it may become available as the campaign progresses. Soulknives XPH 26 are also not available, but those wishing to play as one will not be disappointed.

Because the removal of wilders means that no available psionic manifesting classes use charisma as their primary statistic, an ardent PC may substitute charisma for wisdom as the statistic that determines power save DC, bonus power points, and the maximum level of powers he can manifest.

Again, only one character level must be a psionic manifesting class. Any other class is welcome. Appropriate combinations include psychic warrior/fighter, lurk/rogue, and psion/wizard, although Knights often prefer to supplement psionics with melee classes. A dedicated healer is not necessary — a small amount of in-combat healing will be available to all characters — but you may certainly play a cleric, favored soul, or another divine caster if you desire.


The Academy is part barracks, part monastery, and part university. The life of an apprentice is a disciplined one, and your character has been under immense pressure to become lawful in alignment. Speak to me if you wish to play as a chaotic character.


Favored souls, divine minds, and other divine classes who must select a deity are not required to do so in this campaign. For the purpose of domain and mantle selection, Eurosan knights typically select from among those offered by lawful neutral or lawful good deities. St. Cuthbert and Heironeous are especially appropriate.


All characters start with an ECL of 3. Races with LA +1 (e.g. half-giant, goliath, and aasimar) are welcome and may start with two class levels. An LA of +2 or higher may be problematic. We will be under an accelerated growth plan until level 5 (i.e. leveling based on story events rather than experience).


All characters will use 32 point-buy with stats starting at 8. For your convenience, here are some example arrays.

18 16 16 14
14 16 14 14
12 14 14 14
12 12 12 14
10 10 12 14
8 8 10 10

Naturally, you’re welcome to adjust these stats using a calculator.


As it says in the DMG, you can select a total of 2,700 gp-worth of equipment. You are encouraged to select one or two masterwork weapons of your choice, a suit of armor, and a shield (if you desire). Mithral and darkwood are acceptable, but adamantine is not. Do not purchase a magic weapon; it is too expensive, and it will quickly be rendered obsolete.

Character Creation

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